Paraphrasing 1Corinthians 13:13:
These three remain: Craft, Story, and Voice and the greatest of these is Voice.
Craft can be taught and learned. It is the rules, conventions, and guidelines that cover everything from POV, to grammar, formatting, narrative position (close, distant) etc. There are a million books, blogs, and courses available for this stuff. More importantly, Craft is remediable.
Story telling is a skill. I do not know if it can be taught. Some people can tell a story, some people can’t. I think it can be learned, but I don’t know. I know there are books which claim it can be taught. I don’t know if they work. Anyway, stories, if they have good bones, can be fixed.
Voice is the sound in your reader’s head when he/she reads your book. I don’t think it can be taught. I believe it can be learned. It takes enormous patience to develop a voice that is uniquely yours. Most new writers do not have patience which explains the enormous crap pile in the Indie publishing world. (The traditional pub business also creates its fair share of crap [50 Shades, etc.] of course but the Indie world is dominated by it.)
Voice is vocabulary− which words you select and then how you string them together. It’s about placement, and cadence. You develop a voice by reading outside your genre, outside your comfort zone. and by listening to others.
If the story works, it is Voice that sells the book.


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